Saturday, 15 September 2012

Holding back the (y)ears

If you had told me a few months ago that I'd be singing (and dancing badly) to Simply Red around the bedroom over and over I wouldn't have believed you.

It's funny what you think “works” to soothe your baby. For some unknown reason it has to be Mick Hucknall's Every Time We Say Goodbye (not Ella Fitzgerald's version) and the words get changed to 'Every time we say goodnight', clever eh... It's these semantics that make me smile and realise how crazy new parents are that we will try anything to pacify our children.

I went to a friend's house for a coffee and as I came in she said, ‘Excuse the music, it’s been on repeat 200 times already today as this is the only song that will get her to sleep.’
It was a song played at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and they happened across it after trying everything - flicking through music stations - so it became a joke that it was the only song that would work.  
But what made me laugh even more was not only the attachment to the song itself, but that the parents didn’t like the Cheryl Cole version (sorry Chez) and needed to find the original for their own sanity.

I make up around ten songs a day about the most mundane things to entertain my son (or probably myself?) and I do wonder if I’ve put him off singing for life and think of him holding his ears. I imagine him saying, ‘Alright, enough now mum’. And just as I’ve finished, in comes daddy with a whole new set of tunes to rock out to (literally, see Son of a ...).    

So thanks Mick, you may have found a new fan.

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