I must admit, when I've been with friends who've had children and they talk constantly about their glorious child or what colour and consistency their child’s poo was that day, I've switched off. Especially when there's a group of you and you're the childless one who can't contribute to the conversation.

‘Please don't ever let me get like that' I said to a friend over a large glass of Pinot Grigio one night as we were laughing about what we'd be like as parents.
The next thing I know, we're both strolling with our prams trying (and failing miserably) to shop without a feed/change/soothe whilst chewing the fat over the contents of our babies' nappies. We then look at each other and realise what we're doing.

Mind you, I'm still trying to keep to that vow, especially with friends who don't have children. It's just my social life appears to have gravitated towards hanging out with other mums. Your baby is all consuming - they are all you can think, eat and sleep - so I decided I needed to get it off my chest without boring those around me with my constant stream.

Of course, there are doubtless hundreds of baby blogs and celeb endorsed baby books out there about the trials and tribulations of new bundles. But if you happen across this blog for whatever reason, I hope you can find something you can relate to or laugh at. Who is Milkin’ It?

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